Chinanews, October 17 According to a report by Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on the 17th, according to the latest polls in the United States, the approval rating of US President Biden has fallen to 44%.

According to reports, with the continued shortage of basic supplies and rising consumer prices, economic problems have become a major concern for many Americans.

Data map: US President Biden.

  According to reports, polls show that most American adult respondents believe that the main problems facing the country involve the economy, unemployment rate, and work; public health and disease rank second, 7 percentage points less than the economy.

  According to the report, up to 85% of American respondents are worried that supply chain problems will lead to a shortage of basic materials; the proportion of respondents who are paying close attention to news about the supply chain is also as high as 75%.

Nearly two-thirds of the interviewees believe that the US federal government must take action to solve supply chain problems.

  In addition, as of October 15 local time, Biden's approval rate of public opinion was 44%, which was lower than the approval rate of over 50% in early August.

  White House spokesperson Psaki said in response to the question of Biden’s declining support rate, “This is a very difficult time for our country. Our focus is not on the daily ups and downs of polls, but on keeping the epidemic under control. And return to a normal life to some extent."