The Haut-Rhin Assize Court has been on appeal since Tuesday a 40-year-old Armenian sentenced to eighteen years in prison for having killed a Chechen homeless in Strasbourg.

The trial at first instance took place in September 2020. The court increased the sentence initially handed down by two years, reports L'Alsace.

This is the length of imprisonment requested by the Advocate General.

The verdict was accompanied by a definitive ban from French territory targeting the accused.

The latter had previously seen his application for political refugee status rejected.

The murder with which he was accused dates back to the end of 2017. In the Strasbourg district of Neuhof, the Armenian had fought with the victim over the payment of a dose of heroin consumed by the two men.

An involuntary fatal gesture?

The respondent arrived in France in 2011 had drawn a bladed weapon and stabbed his opponent, who died shortly after in hospital.

During his first trial covered by


, the author of the stabbing that hit the heart of the Chechen had claimed not to have wanted to kill his sidekick, 31 years old.

"I tried to stop the bleeding but he lost a lot of blood while waiting for the firefighters," he said.


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