This is the sixth year that the Welcome Cup in Bergsjön is played.

A tournament with five teams that want to give beginners in floorball a chance to socialize without competition, where diversity and having fun are important.

But which has now also become a tool to start the discussion about how important it is to get vaccinated.

Without a vaccine, you will not enter as an audience, as the Floorball Magazine also wrote about.

- We have only received positive reactions, says Pontus Berger, initiator of the Welcome Cup.

- But we will see when we stand there on Sunday and check that everyone who wants to be an audience is vaccinated.

Free to request vaccination passes for associations

The purpose of the vaccine requirement for the public, which is sanctioned by the Swedish Sports Confederation, is that they want to start a dialogue and debate about why they should be vaccinated.

- We simply want to help get the conversation started in Bergsjön to take those two syringes, says Pontus Berger, initiator of the Welcome Cup.

- Everyone is so incredibly tired of the pandemic and to get a setback now with a fourth or fifth wave, you do not want to be part of, but now we must make sure not to spread the infection further.

The background is that the population in certain districts has a much lower tendency to be vaccinated, according to information from the Västra Götaland region's vaccination statistics.