Providing school uniforms in 110 outlets in various regions of the country

«Emirates Education» completes sterilization of public schools and maintenance for 10 of them

Emirates Education developed different scenarios for the distribution of students in the classroom.

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The Emirates Foundation for School Education reported that it had finished sterilizing the public schools that will receive students when they return to study in the new academic year, and it has carried out maintenance for 10 schools and kindergartens.

The preparations include the launch of the Professional Development Week, which focuses on the axis of safe return, and targets the components of the school community, in addition to a continuous assessment of the health situation in schools to update safety procedures according to developments.

The Foundation was keen to ensure the health and safety of students, teaching and administrative cadres through a package of preventive and precautionary measures and measures that would secure the return of students to their seats without hindrances within the attendance, while keeping the “distance” learning option in place for the guardian.

The Foundation indicated that its various field teams rushed to prepare the schools and ensure their readiness as soon as the announcement of the return of attendance education in the various schools of the country, as the sterilization of all government schools that will receive students upon their return, which numbered 564 schools in various regions of the country, was completed, in addition to placing Various plans and scenarios for distributing students in the classroom in light of the application of physical distancing measures according to the decision of the competent authorities in the country.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education called on all components of the school community, including principals, teachers and parents of students, to the necessity of integrating roles to achieve a safe return for students under the current circumstances, in a manner that supports the directions of the state aiming to return to normal life and overcome the pandemic and the resulting effects that have been reflected on all sectors, including education. The Foundation worked to provide school uniforms for students for the next academic year in more than 110 outlets in various regions of the country, in order to save parents time and effort, noting that no change was made to the school uniform compared to previous years.The Foundation stressed that the school principals will implement the precautionary and preventive measures in their schools with a specialized team inside the school after providing them with the necessary tools and appropriate training, and each school will be looked at individually and evaluated and its condition and its commitment to preventive and precautionary measures and measures in order to increase the number of students related to his school and work with what is necessary in order to correct its situation, and to ensure the quality and continuity of the educational process in light of the exceptional return of students in a perfect manner to ensure the health and safety of students. As part of its preparations for the academic year, the Foundation conducted a maintenance project for 10 schools and kindergartens, which included development works, closing internal corridors, changing floors, completely modifying toilets, creating toilets for people of determination, developing a robot lab (smart learning), and maintaining fire detection and fighting systems. School clinics and their equipment, isolation rooms, and school canteens.

Training 25,000 school leaders

The activities of the Professional Development Week target approximately 25,000 school leaders, teachers, administrative and teaching cadres, leaders and teachers of kindergartens. Health and safety in the school corridors.

The week, which is held "remotely", focuses on the axis of safe return to schools and raising the readiness of school leaders, teachers, supervisors and all elements of the educational process, with the aim of achieving a safe return to schools as well as working to raise the skills of teaching staff in a number of diverse educational fields.

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