The torrential rains have, among other things, filled subways with water in the city of Zhengzhou in eastern China.

Over one hundred thousand have been evacuated and at least 33 people have died.

- There has been a lot of rain.

On Tuesday, 624 mm of rain fell, which can be compared with their annual rainfall.

In Stockholm, we normally have 55 millimeters per year, says Marcus Sjöstedt, meteorologist.

Fields are under water and roads and railway tracks have been cut off.

In Zhengzhou's city center, cars are stacked on top of each other while residents prepare for further rainfall, including by moving their vehicles and other belongings to higher terrain, reports TT.

The rainy weather continues to move

That it rains so much in a short time is unusual, but can become more common.

- This type of heavy rainfall is something we expect to see more of, the risk of it increases in any case with warmer weather and climate change.

On Thursday, the heavy rainstorm continues to move towards surrounding regions and authorities have issued warnings for new landslides and floods in several places.

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At least 25 people have died after heavy rains in central China.

Photo: AP