Recently, Henan and other places continue to experience heavy rainfall. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to it, urgently initiates the emergency response of traffic and transportation flood prevention level II, strengthens overall coordination, and guides the transportation departments of Henan and other places as well as railways, civil aviation and postal systems to earnestly implement various flood prevention and prevention Typhoon rescue and disaster relief measures, strengthen the inspection and elimination of hidden hazards, strengthen the safety protection of transportation infrastructure, and pay close attention to the work of ensuring smooth traffic.

  It is reported that the Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Finance, urgently arranged 15 million yuan of highway emergency rescue funds to support the emergency access of highway infrastructure damaged by the disaster in Henan; urgently dispatched a working group to Henan to guide emergency rescue and disaster relief and ensure smooth access , Operation scheduling, service guarantee work; emergency start of "National Regional Highway Traffic Emergency Equipment Material Reserve Henan Zhengzhou Center" special equipment, put into Zhengzhou subway drainage and other emergency work; issue "Emergency Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in Urban Rail Transit Flood Control" , Re-emphasize and re-deploy the flood prevention and emergency response work of rail transit, organize and convene video dispatching meetings in various rail transit cities across the country, and propose work for 28 provinces, 48 ​​cities, and 66 operating companies that have opened rail transit operations Request etc.

  The railway, civil aviation, postal and transportation departments in various regions responded quickly and actively responded, activated emergency plans as soon as possible, adopted various measures to ensure smoothness, and made every effort to restore the order of transportation production.

The railway department made every effort to restore the transportation order by adjusting train operations, adding temporary passenger cars to transfer passengers, and doing a good job in services for stranded passengers.

At present, the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway from the north to the south and the Zhengxu high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to the east remain safe and unblocked, and train operations have gradually resumed.

In terms of highways, highways in Henan Province did not have a large number of vehicles detained, highways around Zhengzhou have resumed normal traffic, and urban public transportation has gradually resumed. 41 highway projects under construction have been evacuated in advance of personnel and equipment, and transportation infrastructure projects have been constructed. No major danger occurred on the construction site.

In terms of civil aviation, the takeoff and landing of flights at Zhengzhou Airport was greatly affected. The three airports at Luoyang, Nanyang, and Xinyang Airport were not significantly affected due to relatively small rainfall and fewer flights.

The civil aviation department carried out flight timing adjustments and reductions based on actual conditions, and initiated early warning of large-scale flight delays to ensure the safe and stable operation of Zhengzhou Airport.

In terms of postal services, in response to the situation that some express mail processing sites cannot be operated due to water intake, express transportation vehicles are damaged, and express mails are damaged to varying degrees, the postal department has initiated emergency plans, reasonably allocated resources, and made every effort to arrange the transfer and delivery of express mail.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Transport will also pay close attention to changes in the disaster situation, comprehensively strengthen 24-hour emergency duty, and urge and guide the transportation authorities in the disaster-stricken areas to do emergency rescue and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. (CCTV reporter Tang Ying)