[Explanation] Recently, 50 Taiwanese businessmen from Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province completed their first dose of new crown vaccination at the new crown vaccination center in Huishan Economic Development Zone (Chang'an Street).

  [Explanation] After a series of procedures such as temperature measurement, registration information, vaccination, issuance of a certificate, and a 30-minute observation, all 50 Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots have completed the new crown vaccine vaccination.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jianfa, Executive Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department and Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Huishan District Committee of Wuxi City

  We, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Huishan District, together with the Health and Health Committee, and Chang'an Sub-district have opened a special vaccination session for our Taiwanese businessmen in Huishan, and we are working hard to do practical things for Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese.

  [Explanation] Speaking of local vaccination, Chen Jinji, a Taiwanese businessman who has been in Wuxi for 18 years, was particularly moved.

  [Concurrent] Chen Jinji, Vice President of Taiwan Investment Enterprise Association, Huishan District, Wuxi City

  The members of our Taiwanese Business Association all have an urgent need for vaccinations. After the District Taiwan Affairs Office helped us to organize this special session, we also felt the warmth of the District Taiwan Affairs Office.

  [Commentary] Chen Jinji said that in terms of epidemic prevention and control, vaccination, etc., the mainland treats Taiwan compatriots equally and treats them equally. This not only ensures the healthy life of Taiwanese businessmen, but also gives them a sense of security and belonging.

Up to now, 90% of the 100 Taiwanese businessmen in Huishan, Wuxi, have completed the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and 40% have completed the second dose of vaccination.

In Kunshan, Jiangsu, many Taiwanese companies have also completed vaccination.

  [Concurrent] Li Liguang, General Manager of Kunshan Sustainable Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

  Some time ago, I was vaccinated locally in Kunshan with more than 10 Taiwanese friends, and I feel very good!

Now, many friends from Taiwan compatriots around me have been vaccinated against the mainland, and many have finished both shots. It is very convenient and safe.

What I want to say is that the medical staff who vaccinated us are very professional and attentive, without any adverse reactions. After the vaccinations, our work and life will be more at ease.

  [Concurrent] He Maoxian, Environmental Safety Manager, AU Optronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

  I personally feel very happy to be able to get the new crown vaccine easily in Kunshan. My family and friends in Taiwan are also very supportive. I hope we can work hard together to fight the epidemic.

  [Explanation] In addition to the establishment of a centralized vaccination site in Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangsu, temporary vaccination sites have been set up in 3 Taiwan-funded enterprises of Compal, Seshuo, and Wistron to facilitate the vaccination of employees of Taiwanese enterprises .         

  (Reporter Ge Yong part of the source: Wuxi Radio and Television Huishan Rong Media Center)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]