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Taiwan and the United States sign two arms purchases totaling 48.7 billion Taiwan media: only one has not been announced during Trump's tenure

  China Taiwan Net, June 18, according to Taiwan’s "China Times" report, the DPP authorities’ defense department announced on the 17th the latest military purchase decision. The so-called Taiwan’s "Military Mission in the United States" has signed with the "American Association in Taiwan." The two arms purchase contracts are the "Long-range Precision Firepower Strike System" and the "Batch B Missile". The total value of the two cases is NT$48.7 billion.

According to reports, the two arms sales contracts are the shore-mounted Harpoon missile and Seamaster multi-launch rocket system announced by the US last year. The signing is now effective and represents the implementation phase.

  According to reports, the "batch of missiles" should refer to shore-mounted Harpoon missiles. Taiwan announced on the 17th that the purchase amount was approximately NT$39 billion.

According to the report, the shore-mounted Harpoon missile is vehicle-mounted, highly maneuverable, can hide everywhere, hit and run, and has a range of 200 kilometers. The missile is integrated with the vehicle body, and its mobility is stronger than the Xiongfeng missile, and its performance is more reliable.

The Taiwan military stated that after the shore-mounted Harpoon missiles are delivered in 2022 or 2023, the Taiwan Navy’s "Haifeng Brigade" will be reorganized into the Taiwan Navy’s "Shore-mounted Missile Command."

  As for the purchase contract for the "Long-range Precision Firepower Strike System", it should refer to 11 sets of M142 Himas Multiple Launch Rocket System (HIMARS).

  According to reports, the Trump administration agreed to seven arms sales to Taiwan last year. Only the M109A6 "Paladin" self-propelled artillery case has not been officially announced.

Since the Biden administration took office, it has not announced any arms sales to Taiwan.

  The spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Tan Kefei previously stated that we firmly oppose the sale of weapons to Taiwan by any country and the development of any form of military ties with Taiwan.

Urges the United States to abide by the "non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries", the basic norms of international relations clearly set out in the UN Charter and the Declaration of Principles of International Law, abide by a series of serious commitments made to China on the Taiwan issue, and prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues, Stop any form of official contacts and military ties with Taiwan, and stop arms sales to Taiwan.

We are telling the DPP authorities that any attempt and act to seize the country with foreign self-respect is doomed to be futile and will surely fail.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will take all necessary measures to resolutely defeat any separatist conspiracy for "Taiwan independence" and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

(China Taiwan Network Li Ning)