The broker Gianluigi Torzi

  • London, Torzi broker arrested.

    The defense: freedom on bail requested, no danger of escape

  • Torzi broker arrest.

    The accusation: extorted 15 million


June 15, 2021

'' From the reconstruction of the facts inferable from the documentation in the file, it emerged clearly that, in the financial operation devised by Torzi to achieve the objective commissioned to him, the same acted in a non-transparent and unfair way, for the sole purpose of pursuing a own personal profit ''. This is what we read in the reasons with which the judges of the Rome Review last April 26 confirmed the precautionary measure for the broker Gianluigi Torzi, at the center of the Vatican affair linked to the purchase and sale of a building in London, accused in the investigation of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Rome for self-laundering and issuing and annotation of invoices for non-existent operations.

For the judges, Torzi's "only intent" was to "replace himself in the lucrative management of the property in Mincione - for which he had procured a severance pay of 40 million euros paid by the Secretariat; and that the same, after realizing that this objective met with the opposition of the Secretariat and was also opposed by its initial allies, used the position of power acquired in Gutt Sa to extort from the Vatican a sum of money of 15 million euros, of the all disproportionate to his contribution ''.

'' The British judge of the Crown Baumgartner, in relation to the same facts and element of investigation, even having considered the elements insufficient to support the accusation of fraud, affirmed the compatibility of the Vatican procedural system with the fundamental principles of a modern and guarantee system such as the Anglo-Saxon one, from the point of view of respect for fundamental principles, excluding that there is confusion between the prosecution body and the judicial body '' still reads the motivations.