Two days of intervention, impressive human and logistical resources ... Blocked since Saturday afternoon 120 meters underground in the Vauvougier chasm, in Malbrans (Doubs), a 55-year-old man was born again this Monday, around 15 h.

Injured in the back and in the hip after a fall, he was evacuated on a stretcher thanks to the intervention of the French Spéléo-Secours.

Access had to be unobstructed in places, thanks to explosive micro-charges.

"This large-scale rescue operation, both in terms of resources and duration, mobilized around 200 people over the weekend and required the intervention of numerous means of transport and intervention in a constrained environment", wrote the prefecture of Doubs in a press release.

The victim, a caver from the Djion region, was transported by helicopter to the CHRU Jean Minjoz in Besançon.

In stable condition.


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