by Fabrizio Patti

Milan06 May 2021Little start for the European stock exchanges.

In Milan, the Ftse Mib index marks + 0.65%.

Yesterday + 2%, with a net recovery after the drop on Tuesday, favored by the above-expected accounts for Stellantis and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Banking in the spotlight again today: + 4.9% for Unicredit after the quarterly report released this morning, which showed a profit of 887 million euros, above analysts' expectations.

Revenues were up 10% compared to the same quarter of 2020. 

In Piazza Affari today greater increases, after Unicredit, for Tenaris (+ 1.8%) and Cnh Industrial (+ 1.7%), greater decreases for StMicroelectronics (-1.1%) and Tim (-5.8%) . The decrease would be due to what La Repubblica pointed out today: that is, in the PNRR we no longer speak of a single network for broadband but of networks. 

In the rest of Europe, London + 0.3%, Frankfurt + 0.6%.

Today came a better than expected figure for orders for German factories: + 3% compared to March compared to February, it is the third consecutive month of growth.

Highlighted among the European titles Zalando, the German e-commerce giant in the clothing sector. Revenues in the first quarter were up 46% compared to a year earlier. 34 million euros profit. The stock on the Frankfurt stock exchange rose by 0.6%. 

Yesterday Wall Street closed with a record Dow Jones index and a slight drop on the Nasdaq. And the Biden administration's opening to revoke Covid vaccine patents has had an effect on manufacturers. Net decline for Moderna (-6.19%), Biontech (-3.45%) and Novavax (-4.94%). Pfizer, which was up until the announcement, also closed in parity (+ 0.05%). On the other hand, the stock of Astrazeneca rises this morning on the London stock exchange (+ 0.6%).