The holy month of Ramadan is nearing an end, and with the succession of the episodes of the Arab series, and with the pioneers of drama communication platforms monitoring and focusing on hunting for mistakes to ignite the platforms with "jokes", it was natural for these mistakes to become the talk of everyone, even those who do not follow the series in the first place.

Silly mistakes and others due to exaggeration

However, the mistakes that have been circulating on the communication platforms in recent days, most of them belong to several types: The first is naive mistakes that occurred as a result of haste and inattention, such as the "upside-down phone" that Yasser Jalal used to catch in one of the scenes of the series "Lazy Ragel," or Amin. The police, who appeared in his official uniform and had 4 badges on his shoulder in the series "Kings of Al-Jadaanah," while the maximum real rank did not exceed 3 badges.

As for the series "Counter Attack", which takes place in 2007, a propaganda poster appeared on one of the buildings bearing the symbol of the famous "PUBG" game, although it did not see the light until 2017, a mistake similar to what happened to Ahmed Makki, the hero of the series "Choice 2 2," He appeared at work speaking on a newly released mobile phone after the era in which the events unfolded.

The second type of errors that aroused the viewers ’anger resulted from the exaggeration, starting with the teeth of Muhammad Ramadan in the series" Musa ", which appeared to be white due to the" veneer ". This contradicts the nature of the role he plays and the time period to which the work belongs, and it is the same mistake that it made. Salwa Othman, who has the character in Upper Egypt, in the series "Descent of the Strangers".

Going through the décor of the series “Nassal Al Ghurab”, specifically the luxurious palace in which Mai Omar, the heroine of the series itself, lives, and ending with the complete make-up that Ghada Abdel Razek used to appear in her series "Meat Ghazal", even if her nails were polite and colored with a striking paint that does not suit her work in the butcher!

Literary mistakes that offended the makers

There is a third type of errors, which few were noticed about. They varied between spelling errors in the badges of the series, which the creators of the work tried to correct after broadcasting the first episodes, and literary errors.

For example, it was mentioned at the beginning of the badge of the series "Between Al-Sama and Al-Ard" that it was adapted from a novel by the late writer Naguib Mahfouz, while it was adapted from a story not a novel, which was modified as soon as the viewers paid attention to it.

As for the makers of the series "Naguib Zahi Zarkash", they made an even worse literary mistake, because despite the fact that his plot was borrowed from a famous Italian movie, "Marriage in the Italian Way", in turn, adapted from the play "The Philomena's Marriage", he did not mention that even after it circulated Many news.

Dramatic and unforgivable mistakes

While the previous three types of errors may have some justifications, although we do not find them convincing, the last and most important type are the dramatic mistakes that we have seen throughout the episodes, as they are not acceptable and can only be explained by one of two orders: employers underestimating the public’s reason or negligence. In exerting sufficient effort in research and review.

The first dramatic mistake went to the series "The Choice 2". Despite the success the work has achieved so far and the attempt of its director, Peter Mimi, to overcome the mistakes of the first part, this did not prevent him from committing a fatal mistake, when he assigned the role of a national security officer in the second part to Iyad Nassar , Although he had previously appeared in the first season as an officer in the paratrooper corps in the army.

And since the two works intersect dramatically in one face or another, but revolve in the same time stage, so that the new part included many of the scenes that were previously shown last year, the use of the same actors to play different roles is not logical, as if the talents have finished and only the team is left the previous.

The police spoil the case

As for the series "Against Fracture", which began with the discovery of its heroine, Nelly Karim, injured and unconscious, she entered a coma and reported to the police as an accident tainted with criminal suspicion. However, we found the officer allowing her husband to stay in the house / crime scene.

Then, days later, they called him to inform him of their intention to come and search the house to remove fingerprints, and the most ridiculous thing is that the officers asked him not to touch anything in order not to touch the fingerprints, as if staying in his house for days did not spoil anything!