Today (4th), a personnel hearing was held at the National Assembly on candidates for five ministerial ministers. Opposition lawmakers intensively questioned the suspicion that candidate Lim Hye-sook, Minister of Science and Technology, went on a business trip with his family while he was a professor. Candidate Lim apologized for being thoughtful, but actively refuted the allegations of plagiarism.

The first news, reporter Baekwoon will deliver.


Im Hye-sook, Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, explained that when he was a university professor, he went on a business trip abroad to attend an academic conference.

By the way,

[Representative Park Dae-chul/People's Strength: How did you handle each person?]

[Lim Hye-sook/Minister of Science and Technology candidate: When I set up a room, only one person handled it.]

[Park Dae-chul/National People's Strength Congressman: Then one person Did you sleep for free?]

[Im Hye-suk/Minister of Science and Technology candidate: Yes.]

It turned out that the family had stayed together in a hotel room that was


by the travel expenses supported by the Research Foundation.

Candidate Lim said that there was a family companionship practice in foreign countries to encourage researchers to participate, but opposition lawmakers continued to criticize him, and

[Counselor Jung Hee-yong/National Power: This is a'mother's chance' that frustrates young people.] He

said he was not considerate


Had to bend down.

He said "I'm sorry" for the suspicion of a real estate down contract, and "I didn't care because I didn't have military service obligations" for the dual citizenship of the two daughters.

[Counselor Park Dae-chul / People's Strength: If you look at the comments on the verification report. Is it a'woman motherland'? Yes. I can't help but call it a'Suspicious/Issue Comprehensive Set'.]

However, he actively refuted the suspicion of plagiarism of his thesis.

[Lim Hye-sook/Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication candidate candidate: Most (Science and Engineering) papers are joint research papers. Students then write their thesis by synthesizing all the results they have done during their degree program. That the dissertation in the academic journal and the dissertation in the academic journal are inevitably overlapped.]

Candidate Lim responded to the current issue of vaccine development.


Chairman Jo Jeong-sik

/Democratic Party: In the mid- to long-term, securing vaccine sovereignty is very important in the future.]

[Hye-suk Lim/Candidate of Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication: The clinical trial itself is related to the Ministry of Welfare and Food and Drug Administration, but the Ministry of Science and ICT Finding parts that can be supported... .] In the

government's post-nuclear power plant policy, he said, "With our nuclear power plant technology, the policy direction is more risky."

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki and Jung Sang-bo, video editing: Yumira)