Neighbors who witnessed apartment fires in France acted bravely to prevent major damage.

According to foreign media such as news channel BFMTV on the 28th of last month local time, a fire broke out in an apartment in Nantes, France.

At that time, a couple and a six-month-old baby were trapped in flames in a house on fire, and the couple screamed out of the window with their feet rolling and asking for rescue.

However, even if the neighbors tried to enter the building through the stairs, they were unable to enter because of flames and smoke.

The black smoke soared endlessly and was already filling the sky.

As the fire was getting worse, the neighbors in turn grabbed the balcony railing and began to climb up.

Since there was no other means of rescue, they chose to rescue by creating a'human ladder'.

The baby's mother was rescued first, grabbing a neighbor hung from a balcony railing, and soon after, a bag wrapped around a 6-month-old baby fell onto a mattress that had been laid on the floor in advance.

Subsequently, the baby's dad escaped the building safely.

"The parents were on the verge of suffocating, and if they had a few more minutes, the baby would die. Throwing the baby was the last choice," explained one citizen who participated in the rescue.

Immediately after the rescue, the three families were moved to a hospital, and it was not known that their health was seriously affected.

French netizens who encountered the story praised them all at once.

In addition, as it became known that there were illegal immigrants among the neighbors who were trying to rescue, a petition to ``recognize the ball and give them legal status of residence'' appeared.

Netizens praised them, saying, "Neighbors who jumped into the fire scene with their naked bodies are truly heroes."

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(Photo ='Kenza Zekkar' Facebook,'' homepage capture)