Illustration of a fire department vehicle.


Clément Follain / 20 Minutes

About thirty Toulouse firefighters intervened on Friday morning, around 9:20 a.m., on a fire which broke out on the first floor of a building in Place Roger-Loupiac, located above a crèche.

The 28 children were quickly evacuated by the emergency services.

By late morning, the incident was under control.

Rescue of a mother and her child

"The inhabitants were evacuated during the intervention but they were able to return to the premises on Friday at the end of the morning, as well as the children of the nursery", indicates the departmental fire and rescue service of Haute-Garonne.

Six people, who inhaled fumes, were taken care of in relative emergency by the emergency services.

No casualties were reported.

A rescue police patrol, which also arrived very quickly at the scene of the fire, saved a baby and its mother from the flames, as well as a disabled person.


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