China News Service, February 4th. According to China Netcom, in order to create a happy, festive, healthy and peaceful Chinese New Year online atmosphere, the State Cyberspace Administration of China has decided to launch a one-month special action called "Clean and Bright Network Environment for Chinese New Year" starting today.

The news pointed out that severely cracking down on all kinds of public accounts that use the Spring Festival topic to carry out malicious marketing behaviors, clean up malicious hype, out of context, splicing and reprinting and other false information; focusing on rectifying bad online social behavior and online violence, and cracking down on inducing minors to assist in ranking , Swipe the amount of control and evaluation behavior, rectify the behavior that incites "fans" to tear each other and conduct cyber bullying.

  The news pointed out that this special action will focus on improving and guaranteeing the Internet experience of the majority of netizens, focusing on portals, search engines, browsing navigation, pop-up advertisements and other information portals and information recommendations, life services, social platforms, forum communities, live broadcasts, and short In application links such as video, the issue of pornography, violence, gambling, vulgarity, kitsch, and vulgarity will be resolutely addressed, and rumors and false information that affect the production and life of the masses will be resolutely cracked down.

Focus on cleaning up illegal and unhealthy information in key locations such as the first screen of the homepage of the website platform, hot search lists, topic lists, key recommendation sections, pop-up windows, etc., to prevent vulgarization and hype; focus on rectifying life service platforms to push bad advertising behavior, especially for vulgarity Online article drainage issues; strictly regulate the behavior of online celebrity anchors on live broadcast and short video website platforms, and guide their words and deeds to conform to mainstream social values; severely crack down on all kinds of public accounts that use Spring Festival topics to carry out malicious marketing behavior, clean up malicious hype, out of context, splicing and reprinting Other false information; focus on rectifying unhealthy online social behaviors and online violence, cracking down on behaviors that induce minors to assist in playing rankings, scrambling to control ratings, and rectifying behaviors that incite "fans" to tear each other and engage in cyberbullying.

  It is reported that the relevant person in charge of the State Cyberspace Administration of China stated that 2021 is the first year to start a new journey to comprehensively build a modern socialist country, and it is also the year of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Governance Regulations" related requirements, meticulously formulate work plans, consolidate the responsibilities of the website platform, and use special actions to focus on solving the network ecological problems that are strongly reflected by the masses and affect online perceptions, carry out in-depth cleaning and rectification, work together to purify the network environment, and unite the people across the country Strive to start a new journey to create a positive and good atmosphere, and create a healthy and clear environment for the masses to spend a festive and peaceful Spring Festival.

Source: China Netcom