Cloppenburg (dpa / lni) - The Sater Frisians no longer have to borrow words from High or Low German to designate mouth and nose protection.

The word "Sküüldouk" (protective cloth) emerged as the winner of a language competition in which 69 translations were submitted, as Henk Wolf, representative for Sater Frisian of the municipality of Saterland (Cloppenburg district) announced on Wednesday.

From the point of view of the four-member jury, the word “Sküüldouk” sent in by Felix Fischer has all the properties that can make it a success: It does not seem constructed, is clearly Sater Frisian, a creative new creation, to be understood briefly and easily and has no humorous undertone .

The proposals “Virensküül” (virus protection) and “Nozelke”, which is derived from the Sater Frisian word for nose and means something like “little nose”, also had great opportunities.

The Saterland in the district of Cloppenburg is home to the smallest language island in Europe - only 1000 to 2000 people speak Sater Frisian.

The linguist Wolf, who comes from the Netherlands, has recently become the representative for Sater Frisian in the municipality of Saterland.


Like West Frisian in the Netherlands and North Frisian in Schleswig-Holstein, Sater Frisian emerged from medieval Old Frisian.

Because the Saterland did not have much contact with its neighbors for centuries due to its isolated location in the moor, the language was also able to survive.

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