<Oh!” To find out the interests and honest reactions of today (13th) through SNS and Internet search terms

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Not long ago, it was controversial when a famous Chinese YouTuber introduced our kimchi as if it were Chinese food. This time, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations posted a picture promoting kimchi.


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This is a picture that Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Jang Jun uploaded to his social media account on the 3rd.

Ambassador Jang Jun is wearing an apron and sanitary gloves and holding a freshly marinated kimchi.

In another picture, Kimchi is filled with kimchi in a container and his thumb is raised. Said,” he added.

As Ambassador Jang Jun's SNS, which has been used as a window to promote China's diplomatic achievements, suddenly posted an article promoting kimchi. Also comes out.

On the 9th, a few days earlier, a video of a Chinese YouTuber making kimchi was uploaded, introducing kimchi and kimchi stew as'Chinese food', which was controversial.

Netizens said, "Something doesn't look terrible. Let's protect our culture!" "I know it's delicious, but I hope you can tell the source that it's Korean food!" Was a reaction.

(Screen source: Twitter Zhang Jun, YouTube Liziqi)