“We need to remember about Belarusian activists who are fighting for democracy and free elections.

And we must remember this because we are French, and it is in our nature to defend freedom and justice everywhere, ”Lejeune explained.

In this context, he noted that the sanctions imposed by the European Union against President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko "and his inner circle" can only be "welcomed."

Moreover, Lejeune called on the French government to "go further" in terms of political support for the Belarusian opposition in the person of ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and member of the presidium of the country's coordinating council Pavel Latushko.

In this regard, the parliamentarian asked the French Foreign Minister what steps Paris is taking together with the EU to provide assistance to the Belarusian people, "which quite reasonably disputes the results of the last elections" of the head of state.

Lejeune also asked Le Drian a question about how negotiations on the situation in Belarus between the European Union and Russia are going on.

Earlier, representatives of the Belarusian opposition prepared a number of proposals for the European Union countries to expand sanctions against Minsk.

Among them - an embargo on the export and import of arms and a moratorium on the provision of financial assistance to the country.