A Swiss couple named their child'Wi-Fi company' and spent 18 years using the free internet.

On the 3rd in local time, foreign media such as the Swiss daily newspaper'Blick' introduced the story of a couple in their 30s who named their daughter's middle name'Twifia'.

The start-up Swiss internet provider'Twifi' held a unique event at the same time as its founding about two months ago.

If you name your daughter'Twifia' or your son'Twifius' and keep it until you are an adult, you will be providing free internet access for 18 years.

It was these couples who became the first runners courageously.

My father said, "It was strange at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt it was a unique and pretty name."

He also explained that this was not simply to take advantage of the couple.

He said, "It costs 66 dollars a month (about 75,000 won) for the Internet. I will collect this money and give it as extra money if the child grows up," he said. I said.

Twifi also expressed its delight in the fact that they had their first child named after the company.

"If this kid goes out of business before the 18th birthday, he will keep his promise to provide free internet," said Philip Posh, the head of the company. "This is a matter of my honor."

In addition, the company said that it is still holding the event, saying that it wants a boy named'Twifius' to appear as well.

Swiss parents wishing to participate can submit their legal birth certificate on the Twifi website.

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(Photo ='twifi.ch' Instagram·homepage,'Blick' homepage capture)