Chairman Kim Jong-un visited the disaster recovery site in the East Coast region.

The Chosun Central News Agency reported that Chairman Kim "looked around the construction sites for natural disaster recovery in the Donghae district, including Sinpo-si and Hongwon-gun, Nam-Gyeong-do," and "directed the construction project."

Chairman Kim encouraged him, saying, "During the celebration of the establishment of the party, my heart was always by the side of the members of the capital and the people's army who were at a difficult and difficult post," and "I have a lot of hardships coming out of the country."

Chairman Kim also pointed out the problems of flying construction.

Chairman Kim said, "Some units in Gangwon-do, North Hamgyeong, and South Hamgyeong-do violated the demands of the design and construction method and ruined the construction in a blown way."

Chairman Kim's on-site guidance was provided by Chief of Staff Park Jeong-cheon, 1st Vice-Director of Organizational Leadership Cho Yong-won, Director Kim Yong-soo, Vice-President of the Propaganda Department, Hyun Song-wol, and Naval Commander Kim Myung-sik.

(Photo = Chosun Central News, Yonhap News)