Chinanews, September 21. According to Euronet, citing a report from Eunice News Agency, at 7 am local time on the 20th, a two-day referendum on the reduction of parliament members, the addition of national senators, and local elections were held simultaneously.

According to statistics from the Election Service Center of the Ministry of the Interior of Italy, as of 23:00 that day, the voter turnout on the first day was close to 40%.

  According to reports, in the referendum and local elections in Italy, a total of 46,415,806 registered voters nationwide will vote at 61,622 polling stations. The voting time on the first day will start at 7 o'clock and end at 23:00, and the next day will be from 7 o'clock to 15:00. End.

  Affected by the new crown epidemic, Italy originally planned to hold a referendum on March 29 to reduce the seats of parliament members to amend the constitution, and local elections in some regions and cities were forced to cancel.

Italian Prime Minister Conte announced on May 26 that the election will be held on September 20 and 21.

  According to the report, before voting, Conte called on citizens to participate extensively, abide by the epidemic prevention rules, maintain a safe social distance, and jointly maintain election order.

  Italy reduced the seats of parliament members to amend the constitutional referendum, aiming to substantially reduce the seats of parliamentarians in the Senate and the House of Representatives, improve the efficiency of the Congress and reduce administrative expenses, and reduce the current 945 seats in the Senate and House of Representatives to 600 seats.

Among them, the House of Representatives will be reduced from the current 630 seats to 400 seats, and the Senate will be reduced from 315 seats to 200 seats.

  The local elections involve the seven regions of Veneto, Liguria, Campania, Tuscany, Marche, Puglia, and Valle d’Aosta, as well as Reggio Calabria, Venice, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are 957 cities and towns in the country including Erzano and Mantua.

The two regions of Sardinia and Veneto will elect two national senators.

  Italian local elections will elect 7 regional chiefs and nearly 1,000 mayors.

According to the predictions of pre-election polls, the coalition of right-wing political parties such as the Italian League, Forza and Brothers is expected to win at least 4 districts in the reelection of 7 districts.