The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.



Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin assured that the fight against drug trafficking would be his “first priority” this Sunday in an interview with Le


, a few days away from a government seminar on security issues.

The fight against drug trafficking “must be the alpha and omega of all our interventions,” the minister declared on a daily basis.

"Through this subject, there is the fight against organized crime, with the trafficking in human beings and the financing of terrorism, but also a great measure of public health", he added.

"Sanction everyone"

"We must sanction everyone, including in the beautiful districts of Paris," said the minister, drawing up an initial assessment of the implementation of the fixed fine of 200 euros for consumers of narcotics.

"558 fines were drawn up in the five territories" [Rennes, Reims, Créteil, Lille and Marseille] where the fine was tested for two months before its generalization on September 1st.

During the first day of generalization of the fine, there were "200 verbalizations", added the minister.


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