"Human Resources" developed the "system" for delivering workers' salaries on time

Documenting leaves avoids employers 'wages protection' violations

  • Human Resources called on establishments to document any amendments to the employment contract. = Archival

  • "Human Resources" works to enhance the stability of the work relationship. Photography: Patrick Castillo


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation affirmed that the keenness of the owners of establishments and employers affiliated to the private sector to document the early leave of their workers in the temporary overtime contract provides protection for establishments from any accountability regarding violations of non-payment of monthly salaries for those workers in the wage protection system, pointing out that it has introduced a development New to this system to ensure workers receive their salaries on the scheduled dates.

In detail, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that a large number of private sector establishments registered with it resorted to making changes to workers' wages, or granting them early licenses to adapt to the current conditions and to ensure business continuity during the implementation of measures to limit the spread of the emerging "Corona" pandemic (Covid- 19), stressing that it called on all establishments that took these measures to document the amendments through the additional unified temporary supplement to the work contract issued by the Ministry to preserve workers' rights.

The Ministry affirmed that it had introduced a development to the wage protection system with the aim of ensuring that salaries reached their deserving workers on time, in partnership with financial and banking institutions throughout the country, pointing out that it was keen on the establishments ’commitment to applying this system during the period of measures to limit the Coronavirus in order to preserve On labor rights.

A number of employers directed complaints to the ministry on its official page on the social networking platform “Twitter”, during which they confirmed that their facilities were held accountable, which reached the point of stopping the registration of workers, due to lack of commitment to transfer the salaries of its workers to the wages protection system, claiming that workers whose salaries were not entered The regime has been outside the country since the implementation of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

They said, "We have workers who have been outside the country for nine months, so what does the employer do?" Does he continue to transfer their salaries to the wages protection system, or does the employer pledge that the workers are outside the country, provided that their attendance is proven after the return through copies of the go and return stamp? ”

The Ministry stressed the need for private sector establishments to commit to paying the wages of their workers through the "Wages Protection System" in accordance with the wages agreed upon in the work contracts concluded between the two parties and within the specified dates, with the need to document early vacations and the reduction in the worker's wages, whether temporarily or permanently. That this procedure would guarantee the rights of the two parties to the work relationship, especially since the Ministry takes into account the value of workers ’wages fixed in the wages protection system, which is a reflection of the work contracts concluded between the two parties and the annexes attached thereto.

The Ministry stressed the need for employers that agree with any of their employees to reduce their wages temporarily or permanently, to document this agreement through the systems approved by the Ministry, and this applies to establishments that grant any worker with "early leave" during the implementation of the procedures. Precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus, as it must document this leave in the form of the temporary additional supplement to the work contract, which is available on the ministry’s smart application in the “Apple Store” and “Google Play” and the ministry’s website.

The ministry said that adhering to the legal obligations of workers at facilities, especially with regard to wages and early leave, would enhance the stability of the work relationship, which would positively affect the interests of employers, as well as avoid any fines resulting from circumventing the wage protection system.

Photocopy documents fine

Ministerial Resolution No. 15 of 2017 regarding fees and fines prescribed for services provided by the Ministry stipulates that failure to pay the wage owed to the worker through the Wages Protection System, within the periods for which a decision is issued by the Minister; The facility is subjected to a fine of 1000 dirhams for each worker, while the fine for the establishment to make the workers sign fake documents stating that they have received their dues reaches 5,000 dirhams for each worker.

According to the decision, the employer is considered late in paying the wage unless he has paid it within the first 10 days from the due date, and he is considered to have stopped payment if he did not initiate payment within a month from the due date, unless it is stipulated in the contract for a shorter period, provided that all establishments By submitting everything required to prove the payment of these wages.

The current circumstances have pushed private firms to change their workers' wages or granted them early leave.

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