Chinanews, August 9th. According to the US "World Journal" report, under the new crown epidemic, it is common for merchants to provide door-to-door service, but they send their pets to their door and share the happy "service" with others. rare. Andrea Diaz, a woman from Virginia in the United States, recently gave her two pet alpacas as a "special gift" to families who love animals, to make children happy and give many families home Life is more fun, and you also get an income.

Image source: Screenshot of "My Pet Alpaca" (My Pet Alpaca) homepage social networking site account

  According to reports, Diaz’s two alpacas are named "Pisco" and "Chewy". Diaz said: "They like to play in the water, as long as you prepare a pool of water in the backyard, they will immediately relax, cute and happy."

  Diaz, who lives in Vienna, Virginia, started his own small business in the summer of 2020. He established a "My Pet Alpaca" (My Pet Alpaca) homepage on social networking sites and invited people who like to make an appointment to play with them. The specific price will vary. Location changes. At the same time, Diaz will also provide door-to-door delivery of "goods". "Many people are pleasantly surprised to see alpaca when they open the door."

  Diaz grew up in Peru. Alpacas are very common pets in her hometown. "They are gentle, curious, and very social." Therefore, they have brought joy to many families during the epidemic.

  Before the outbreak began, Diaz was a bartender. She often took two alpacas to the bar to socialize with customers. "They are extremely popular." After the outbreak, Diaz wanted to share the two alpacas with more people, so he bought a van and started his business.

  "Brush them every morning, put enough food in the car, and then start the day," Diaz said, customers can choose to meet places, including homes, backyards, parks, etc. As Washington residents are not allowed to raise alpacas in their apartments, Diaz with a permit is loved by many residents.

  According to the report, many people will prepare small pools, food and various toys for alpacas. Diaz said: "Chewy's eyebrows make people think that he is timid, but he is actually very forgetful and easy to immerse himself in his own world. ; Pisco's eyes (the look) make people think it is fierce, but in fact it is very social and interested in everything"