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A body was found at the end of the morning in the Rhône in Avignon, on the side of Piot Island, by the divers of the firefighters. It could be according to our colleagues from Dauphiné Libéré  of the body of the 11-year-old girl, missing since last Saturday.

Her father, Sergio Gil Gonzalves, with whom she was, was arrested Wednesday, without his child, and taken into custody for intentional manslaughter. "He was arrested on his own, on the other side of the Rhône, in Les Angles this afternoon," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Avignon, Philippe Guémas.

The father sent disturbing messages

This 38-year-old man, of Spanish nationality, was in a state of intoxication in a shopping center in Angles, in the Gard, when he was recognized, following a call for witnesses launched by the authorities. Initially the investigation was opened for worrying disappearance, but the prosecutor placed him in custody on Wednesday for the count of intentional homicide.

Last Saturday, passing through the area, he asked his former companion to be able to see his daughter. But disturbing messages he sent, especially to his family, raised fears of the worst.

Research was then carried out with dogs and divers on the banks of the Rhône between Gard and Vaucluse to find the man, already convicted of domestic violence, and his daughter.


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