DRC: the choice of Ronsard Malonda to head the CENI is not unanimous

The new president of the CENI is contested by many political actors like the UDPS and the Lamuka. Caroline Thirion / AFP

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The appointment Thursday by the Congolese National Assembly of Ronsard Malonda at the head of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), continues to be controversial in the DRC. A choice contested in particular by the UDPS which accuses its ally in power the FCC.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda

With the choice made on Ronsard Malonda to direct the CENI, the ruling coalition is in jeopardy. The UDPS categorically rejects "  this hazardous procedure orchestrated by the FCC to put its candidate in place of civil society  ". For the presidential party, its ally in power often uses "  mischief  " to operate a force in matters that require a national consensus ...

Thus, the UDPS sets a condition for the establishment of the next CENI office. The UDPS rightly considers that the examination of the report of the CENI on the finishing process deposited at the office of the National Assembly as well as the appropriate reforms on the electoral process is necessary before the appointment of the new animator  ", explains Simon Kalenga, the interim spokesperson for the presidential party.

The choice of Ronsard Malonda poses a legitimacy problem for the UDPS: “  The UDPS notes that Mr. Ronsard Malonda is disputed by the religious denominations of which he is said to emanate, in particular Catholics, Protestants and Kimbanguists.  "

Protest march

Supporters of the UDPS and all living forces are invited to a large peaceful protest march next Thursday. A demonstration which will have to take place, says Simon Kalenga, in strict compliance with the barrier gestures of Covid-19.

At the same time, the opposition platform Lamuka also says he is indignant and asks the people to oppose with the latest energy what he describes as fraud which tends to perpetuate the "  anti-values  ".

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