- We have followed the trend and have taken the time to prepare for a safe opening. In this new normal situation we are pleased to be able to give people the opportunity to meet the maritime history at Stumholmen again. Although it is now to a limited extent, says museum director Mats Persson.

The subway hall is still closed

Visitors will be helped to keep a distance and be careful of the museum's staff, markings and signage inside the museum. Cleaning is extended and there are handshake stations and the number of visitors to the building is limited. The submarine hall and the wreckage tunnel under the museum are closed to visitors.

- Visitors will be counted in the entrance and staff will be round to ensure there is no congestion. We monitor the number of simultaneous visitors in real time and close the doors if necessary, says Mats Persson.

The Navy Museum opened outdoors on June 24 to allow visitors to visit the Slup- and Barkass hide and board the museum vessels.