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He refused to serve a client who did not wear a mask. This waiter from a Starbucks in San Diego (United States) is not about to regret his gesture. Internet users have indeed launched a kitty to congratulate him, reports the Washington Post . They raised more than 90,000 dollars (around 80,000 euros).

The facts took place on June 22, late afternoon. A certain Amber Lynn Gilles showed up in the restaurant without a mask, but the waiter, Lenin Gutierrez, refused to serve her, following the guidelines set up by the American chain.

Client "lost her nerves"

According to the version that the young man gave a little later on Facebook, the client "lost her nerves", left, then finally came back to ask for her name and take a picture, while specifying "that she would contact the Starbucks head office. "

She finally posted the server photo on Facebook with this message: "Here is Lenin from Starbucks who refused to serve me because I was not wearing a mask. Next time, I'll wait for the cops and bring a medical dispensation. ” She certainly thought she would receive the support of internet users, but on the contrary, she had a nice boomerang effect.


His message has been shared more than 50,000 times and the vast majority of people have stood up for the server. It was then that a certain Matt Cowan had the idea of ​​launching a pot on GoFundMe to give "a tip" to Lenin Gutierrez and thus congratulate him on his behavior.

Several thousand donors quickly raised more than 90,000 dollars, or nearly 80,000 euros. In a video posted on Facebook, Lenin thanked all the donors and returned to the incident, stating that he had simply followed "the guidelines for customers."

The matter may not stop there. Amber Lynn Gilles is said to be considering filing a complaint against the creator of the pot for defamation, said NBC San Diego in an article relayed by the Huffington Post . She posted a video on social networks where she says she received thousands of death threats.

“I never threatened him.” Hear from woman who was denied service at a Clairemont Starbucks for refusing to wear a mask. She publically shamed the barista. A Go Fund Me Page on his behalf is now over $ 22,000. She says she's getting death threats. # nbc7 &

- Artie Ojeda (@ArtieNBCSD) June 25, 2020


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