• Letter to the media. Marta Calvo's mother breaks her silence: "I am a mother depressed by pain and despair"

The Civil Guard has found genetic traces of Marta Calvo in the house occupied by the suspect in her murder, Jorge Ignacio PJ, in the town of Manuel (Valencia), in addition to a lens forgotten by the young woman in the accused's bedroom in that same House.

Forensic specialists have also identified a remainder of the victim's blood in the pants of the Colombian drug trafficker kept in his other residence, in the town of l'Olleria (Valencia).

In its initial investigation, the Civil Guard collected samples from the two residences occupied by the suspect in the province of Valencia, and these swabs were subsequently analyzed by the Department of Biology of Criminalistics . The report of this service, to which EFE has had access, identifies Marta's DNA in samples taken from the bathroom and bedroom of Manuel's house; and in a bedroom of this house they also found a contact lens with Marta's genetic profile.

In the Olleria house, blood has been found in the pants of the person being investigated, specifically in a stain that, when analyzed, has turned out to contain a genetic profile compatible with Marta's.

However, no DNA remains have been obtained in the l'Olleria and Alzira containers, where the accused allegedly dumped the remains of the young woman's body.

The search for remains in the Dos Aguas landfills is still ongoing , according to sources close to the case.

Among the evidence of the presence of Marta Calvo at Manuel's home , the Civil Guard informs the investigating judge of a biological residue found on the side of a plinth and on the swabs applied to the edge of the drain of the shower tray. They have found a mixture of genetic profiles that correspond to both the suspect and the victim. This is the bathroom in which Jorge Ignacio PJ dismembered the victim, according to his own statement, precisely on the shower tray.

The biology department has compared a sample of the genetic profile of Marta's mother with the biological remains found and has indicated as corresponding to the young woman those that are coincident and compatible with those of her mother .

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Letter to the mediaThe mother of Marta Calvo breaks her silence: "I am a mother depressed by pain and despair"

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