(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany's basic infection number R0 value has risen to 1.2 

  China News Agency, Berlin, June 1st (Reporter Peng Dawei) The Robert Koch Institute, the German federal disease control agency, announced on the 1st that the R0 value of the country’s new coronary pneumonia basic infections has rebounded to 1.2. The agency said that the reason for the sharp rise in R0 value may be the outbreak in recent areas. At the same time, as of the evening of 1st, 68 people have been infected and more than 300 people have been asked to be quarantined.

  According to the German "Times Online" report, as of 23 o'clock on the 1st, a total of 184,273 people were diagnosed, 165,834 were cured, and 8,826 were dead. 122 people were added on the 1st day.

  The Robert Koch Institute announced on the 1st the basic infection number R0 value increased from 1.04 the previous day to 1.2. This means that each person infected can infect more than one person without intervention.

  In response to the latest changes in the R0 value during the Holy Spirit Advent weekend, the Robert Koch Institute said that the R0 value is more sensitive to short-term changes in the number of cases, and outbreaks in some individual areas can bring such changes.

  Along with Germany's relaxation of the strict anti-epidemic measures that have been implemented since March, many areas have begun to gather infections. In a high-rise residential building in Göttingen, University City of Lower Saxony, a cluster of infections broke out a few days ago after a family gathering, and 68 people were diagnosed as late as night. The municipality of Göttingen confirmed more than 300 close contacts through investigation and asked them to be tested and consciously isolated at home. At present, the detection of close contacts is continuing.

  However, despite the occurrence of mass infections in Göttingen and the close contacts scattered in several cities in the state, the Lower Saxony state government still said that there is no need to return to the "closing city" status at the moment.

  Lyle County, also in Lower Saxony, celebrated the reopening of a restaurant in mid-May, causing 38 people to be infected and 281 people to be quarantined. At least 57 church members in a parish in Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven were diagnosed and hundreds were quarantined.

  In Sunneberg, the most severely affected region in Thuringia in eastern Germany, the cumulative number of diagnoses reached 58 in the past 7 days. This number has surpassed the “unblocking” warning line previously agreed by the German Federal Government and the states that “there are no more than 50 new diagnoses per 100,000 population within 7 days”. (Finish)