During the protests in the United States spreading the death of a black man, George Floyd, some police officers knelt on one knee and lowered their stance and announced their willingness to join the protests.

According to U.S. CNN, etc., during the protests in Queens, New York, police officers kneel with protesters on one knee to commemorate Floyd.

In the video, kneeling police officers knelt first before marching protesters. 

Afterwards, the police officers, who came into the middle of the protesters as an 'invitation' of the demonstrators, maintained their stance while proving the names of the blacks who had died violently by the police, including Floyd, and Black Walter Lamer Scott, who was shot and killed in 2015. 

Alia Abraham, who posted the video, said, "I didn't expect anything (the police officers would kneel)." I haven't seen it in sports or on TV for years. " 

"It's a good start, but it's not enough," said Abraham, who runs a local broadcast for blacks in Queens. "If we don't get blocked and don't get shot, we'll be more impressed." 

In addition, in Florida, Santa Cruz, and California, USA, police also showed 'Kneeling' and expressed a message of condolences to Floyd's death and support for peaceful protests. 

Kneeling is a sign of protest against racism. In August 2016, it was the first time that American professional footballer Colin Land Captain first kneeled.

He denied the national ritual before the start of the game and protested by kneeling instead, meaning that he would commemorate and resist racial discrimination against the blacks who were subsequently killed by the police overrepression. 

(Composition: Shin Jeong-eun, Editor: Seungyeon Park)