Actor and journalist Aleksa Lundberg was born as a boy. When she was 18 years old, she applied for sex-corrective care. Through hormones and surgery, she became the woman she always dreamed of being.

On the same day that Assignment Review's second report on transgender care for young people was broadcast, she decided to openly talk about the thoughts of regret she had, ever since she woke up from the anesthetic after her abdominal surgery.

"I must probably be clear that I would have faced this election today, so I do not know if I would have done this operation," said Aleksa Lundberg in Aktuellt.

Testimony from those who repent

Talking about regrets has long been taboo in the trans world. Many testify that there was only room for a story - the one about the person who was born in the wrong body, got help to change the body and then became happy. The truth is often more complicated, they say.

Assignments Audit has reviewed transgender services and told about people who regret their gender corrections.

"Mika" was born as a girl, started a sex correction with hormone therapy and surgery, then she regretted it.

"It drives me very much"

In the report "The Tran Train and the Teenage Girls" she talks about her grief, shame and anger. In fear of being met by hatred and scorn from trans activists, she was anonymous.

- That Mika does not dare to show his face is a very strong picture. Isn't that what all the rights struggle is basically about? That we shouldn't have to hide our faces, that we shouldn't be ashamed. It drives me a lot, says Aleksa Lundberg.

Aleksa Lundberg says that she herself has faced criticism and has also been excluded from a group of trans people on social media. Yet she feels freer today and healed as a human being.

- I have a background as gay and might have lived as gay today. And I hope I don't think anyone is wrong, to be a gay feminine man. And I also hope that no one thinks it is wrong to be a gay feminine man with a female body, because that is what I am today.