Denial of Trump-Iran military action resolution resolution banned May 7 13:22

US President Trump has vetoed Iran against a resolution passed by Congress to limit his authority to take military action. It is a form that once again shows the hard-line stance toward Iran, while some view that Iran is increasing its provocative issuance to the United States.

This resolution is due to President Trump's authority to take Iran's military action after the US military killed Iran's commander Soreimani in January and increased military tension. Has been passed by the US House of Representatives and the Senate.

Regarding this resolution, President Trump announced a statement on the 6th and announced that he had exercised veto power.

In a statement, President Trump strongly oppositioned, "The resolution was very insulting because it was submitted by the opposition and Democratic parties as part of a strategy to win the November presidential election." , Once again argued that the killing of Commander Solei Mani was a legitimate decision.

According to US media, the Senate will soon have a vote to overturn the veto, but it is unlikely that more than two-thirds will be needed.

In the United States, some believe that Iran is increasing its provocative issuance to the United States as the Trump administration is busy responding to the new coronavirus.

As President Trump, there is concern that the conflict will intensify as he once again shows his hard-line stance toward Iran.