Large amount of food wasted in the new corona Support for purchasing agricultural products USA April 25, 3:14

In the United States, due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, a large amount of foodstuffs for restaurants and school lunches are being discarded, and support to buy lost crops from farmers and donate to homeless people etc. The activity has begun.

In the United States, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, consumption of ingredients for restaurants and school lunches has declined, and vegetables and raw milk are not shipped and are being discarded in large quantities at production sites.

Meanwhile, John Botti, who lives in New York, has begun to buy lost crops from farmers.

Through the “food bank,” which is engaged in activities to provide food free of charge, we will deliver the agricultural products we purchase to homeless people living on the street and people who have lost their jobs.

When we called for support on the Internet to raise funds for this effort, over 800 people raised more than 100,000 dollars over 5 days and donated over 10 million yen in Japanese yen.

Botti has already purchased more than 20 tons of potatoes from farmers in western Idaho and wants to use his money to buy more crops and deliver them to the people who need them.

`` We want to work together to solve the problem and illuminate the darkness, '' Botti told ABC television.

In this issue, the US government has also announced plans to purchase $ 3 billion, or JPY 320 billion in Japanese yen, to purchase agricultural products.