Criticism of Communist President Shii, Declaration of Emergency without Compensation April 9, 16:54

The Communist Party's chairman of the post on the Emergency Declaration based on the Special Measures Law on Countermeasures against the New Coronavirus says that the government is demanding self-restraint while criticism is being raised that it will not provide compensation, and economic reasons associated with suspension of business etc. Stressed that he would continue to seek compensation for serious losses.

The Communist Party Chairman Shii stated at a press conference that the "Declaration of Emergency" had been issued, "Declarations without compensation have caused various contradictions, and voices of criticism and food have swirled."

He further stated, "I would like to strongly urge the government to provide sufficient compensation for the loss and loss of various self-restraints so that life and business can withstand." He emphasized the idea he wanted.

Mr. Shii also said that while the government sought to reduce contact with humans by 70 to 80%, LDP secretary-general Nikai said, "I can't do it." If you get the message that the government has given up, people's anxiety will only increase. "