Several Arab countries recorded new infections with the Corona virus, as the number of infections in about ninety countries exceeded the 100,000 mark, amid increasing precautionary measures.

15 new injuries were recorded, bringing the total number to 45, and two cases were recovered, bringing the number of cures to seven, according to the UAE Ministry of Health.

The fourth death and eight new injuries were recorded, bringing the total to 48.

12 new workers were found injured by a ship.

The Ministry of Health announces that the number of infected people has increased to 22, and the virus has entered the spread phase.

The Qatari Ministry of Health announces the registration of three new infections among the recent returnees from Iran, bringing the total number of injured to 11.

17 new deaths were recorded, bringing the death toll to 124, while the number of injured reached 4747.

Qom University of Health Sciences announced that the chief physician of the Qom Center for Quarantine, Jawad Khaddadi, had contracted the virus.

197 deaths, the number of injured jumps to 4,636.

9 dead, after recording two new deaths, and the number of injured is 613.

48 new hits were recorded, bringing the total to 164.

The number of injuries rose to 136.

Record 109 injuries.

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United State
The number of deaths increased to 15.

Health authorities in Houston, Texas, confirmed that the number of cases in the state had risen to six, all of whom were infected during a trip to Egypt in February.

On Friday, Togo and Cameroon announced the first confirmed cases of the Corona virus in each of them, raising the number of countries in which the epidemic occurred in sub-Saharan Africa to five.

Today, Saturday, in China (without Hong Kong and Macau) - where the epidemic first appeared in late December - the number of deaths rose to 3070, after 28 new deaths were recorded, and the number of infections rose to more than 80,500.

The most affected after China is South Korea, which recorded 174 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 6,422.

Precautionary measures
Several countries have taken precautionary measures to contain the outbreak of the virus. In Kuwait, the Civil Aviation Administration decided to suspend flights with 7 countries - including Egypt and Lebanon - for a week.

In Iraq, the authorities banned the entry of migrants from France, Turkey, Spain and Nigeria.

The top religious authority in Iraq canceled Friday prayers for the first time since 2003, and the Iraqi authorities extended the suspension of the study to March 21.

In Iran, the authorities continue to sterilize markets, shops, and streets in the capital, Tehran, on a regular basis, and the authorities have banned entry of citizens coming to tourism to several provinces, led by Ghaylan and Mazandaran.

In turn, Austria announced through its advisor, Sebastian Cortes, that it will ban direct flights to Iran, South Korea and the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna due to the spread of Corona virus in it.

In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the Israeli occupation authorities prevented tourist buses and private cars from entering Bethlehem in the West Bank, after the authority declared a state of emergency after confirming several cases of the virus that reached yesterday, Friday 16.