The Vietnamese government has temporarily disallowed the landing of Hanoi airports in South Korea today (29th).

The Korean Embassy in Vietnam says the Vietnamese government has to use the Quang Ninh Bundang airport, about three hours from Hanoi, instead of Hanoi Noi Bai Airport for the Korea-Hanoi route.

Vietnamese authorities are reportedly calling each airline around 10:30 to announce that the action takes place at 10:15 am.

As a result, Asiana Airlines' OZ729 flight to Hanoi from Incheon at 10:10 am made an emergency return to Incheon Airport 40 minutes after takeoff.

The plane, with 40 passengers, was expected to arrive at 12:30 during the day.

An Asiana Airlines official said, "We did not have a history of using Bundon Airport, so we responded urgently and canceled the flight."

(Photo = Yonhap News)