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Here, the seal Sally swims into the flooded fish shop


The weather Dennis caused the fish shop in Hunnebostrand in Bohuslän to overflow. But when the owners were cleaning up, they were unexpectedly visited - by a seal. - I became a little puff when she came in, says Joakim Sandberg.

For the locals and fishmongers, the seal, which is named Sally, is well known. Every day for a few months, she has been seen at the dock, at the back of the fish shop, to beg fish.

This day she went all the way to the store. The weather Dennis had caused the fish shop to flood, so it was only for the seals to swim in.

- We have very high water in our premises. I was further into the store when I heard that it was splashing a bit, and then I saw a small seal, says Joakim Sandberg, one of the owners.

After greeting him and his colleagues, the seal Sally found out for himself.

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