Marie Fredriksson, in one of her last performances, in 2015, in Sweden GTRES

In 2003 King Carlos Gustavo awarded Roxette the prize for the best musical band in Sweden since ABBA

Marie Fredriksson: the tough last years of the Roxette singer after the brain tumor

Roxette, the 10 songs that have marked a generation

The Swedish singer Marie Fredriksson, who died at age 61 due to a brain tumor, leaves a fortune to her two children after having sold 75 million records with her famous band Roxette, a world record of which, in addition to Inez Josefin (26) and Oscar (23) , will benefit his father, Mikael Bolyos, the singer who was always by his side.

Roxette was founded in 1986 by Fredriksson and the composer Per Gessle , who made it one of the most internationally successful Swedish bands. The group topped the American Billboard list four times, with a total of 19 songs on the British Top 40 list . In addition to the duo, Marie Fredriksson has had her own solo success career since the early 1980s, with a total of ten albums.

The singer had a 25% chance of surviving cancer when the long and complicated treatment of the tumor that was diagnosed in 2002 began, according to the Swedish press. Finally, he managed to overcome it, but the damage caused by the chemotherapy he received left him with serious health problems, a situation that he reflected in his 2004 album, El Cambio (The Change), where he recounted his experiences at that time.

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"At last it seems that I have reconciled with radiation injuries and I will be able to live with it. I have lost many years because of the disease. It is also a sadness to grow old. But every day I think I am grateful to be sitting here, and still I can sing, "he wrote in his autobiography Love for life , 2015.

During the last decade, Fredriksson lost a lot of strength and his health deteriorated so much that he could not read because he had lost vision in one eye , it was difficult for him to walk and stand, to the point that doctors ended up asking him to stop, forcing him to interrupt your last tour and say goodbye to the microphones.

In 2013 he released his last album, titled NU , with songs in Swedish and produced by Bolyos, with whom he has been married for 25 years. The couple lived in a villa in Djursholm, a suburban district on the outskirts of Stockholm, after their two children became independent.

Swedish royal family friend

Roxette performed in stadiums and royal ceremonies. In 2010 he sang at the wedding couple's wish at the pre- wedding party of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Three years later he also sang at the liaison ceremony of Princess Magdalena of Sweden . In 2003, Carlos Gustavo of Sweden himself awarded the duo an award as the best musical band in Sweden since the success of ABBA.

"We have been surprised by the sad news that singer Marie Fredriksson has passed away. For many in our country, even in my own family, her music is closely associated with memories of particularly important moments in life," lamented the Swedish king. Marie, from a humble family, although complicated by her father's problems with alcohol, had managed to conquer the royal house .

The Roxette duo, in a performance.

The singer was born as Gun-Marie in 1958 in a small town near the Baltic, Ossjo. She was the youngest of five siblings , so she was always the most spoiled of the family and everyone took care of. When she was little, her parents worked on her farm, until they sold it in 1962 to move to the city. Everything changed there: his mother, Inez, started working in a factory near the family home and his father, Charles, became a mailman . Sometimes she took little Marie with him to hand out the letters, trips on which she used to sing to her father.

Marie decided that she wanted to be a singer when she was eight years old , shortly after her older sister died in a car accident . The music helped her overcome this tragedy, she said. Two years later, he formed his first group with his school friends, Renat. They used fake instruments and performed on the street, near their parents' villa. Marie always put the voice.

In the 90's, she met her husband, Edmund Mikael Bolyos, whom she married in 1994. "If we had not met, I don't know if I could have stayed in Roxette much longer. I couldn't combine personal life with all tours. I spent too much time in bars , drinking a lot. I was sad most of the time, "the singer lamented.

He did not invite his musical partner to his wedding. Neither Per nor his wife Asa Nordin witnessed the link. Both felt "excluded and disappointed" with that decision, Marie herself acknowledged in her autobiography. "So I didn't see it that way. My only concern was that I wanted the wedding to be private. That was the most important thing at the time."

With or without her husband, she became the melancholic Scandinavian voice . His songs became the main export product of Sweden. Although born the same year as Michael Jackson, Madonna or Prince, it took Fredriksson 31 years to climb the international scale of the stars, with his success The Look (1989).

He sang the last concerts sitting on a stool and said goodbye in 2016 to his audience. She died Monday in a hospital in the Swedish capital and will be buried by her own in private, as she herself wanted to live and at the wish of her two children, today heirs of a great musical heritage that the singer left for Swedish history.

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