1,400 doctors and specialists from 40 countries are participating in the Middle East Emergency Medicine Conference (ESEM 2019), organized by the Emirates Emergency Medicine Division at the Emirates Medical Association, next Wednesday in Abu Dhabi, to discuss the future of emergency medicine through 180 research abstracts.

Conference President and Head of the Emirates Emergency Medicine Division, Dr. Saleh Fares said, “The country's hospitals receive thousands of emergency cases every month, related to heart attacks, strokes, complications of diabetes, car accidents, burns, stomach problems, bronchitis, asthma, food poisoning, gynecology, and other cases Emergency".

He pointed out that emergency care and emergency medicine play a vital role in the health care system, as they are considered the first management of the patient who needs emergency care, and often effective intervention in a timely manner during emergencies is the distinguishing sign between "life and death", and therefore it is necessary that Healthcare professionals are equipped with the latest medical knowledge and technology.

He explained that this year the conference received a record number of more than 180 research abstracts from all over the world, making it a unique global platform for learning and innovation, where more than 150 regional and international experts will cover the various aspects of emergency medicine over a period of four days, and will address all aspects related to emergencies.

On the sidelines of the conference, workshops will be held on the leadership of emergency nursing, the basics of critical care, and others, indicating that the conference is supported by the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Abu Dhabi Police, Health, ADNOC, Dubai Health Authority, National Ambulance, and Emirates Medical Association , Emirates Nursing Association, and others.

training program

Conference President and Head of the Emirates Emergency Medicine Division, Dr. Saleh Fares, explained that the UAE has a training program for emergency physicians, in five centers distributed in five government hospitals, where it was launched in 2008 in Rashid Hospital and Tawam Hospital, and then opened another training center affiliated to him in Khalifa Hospital in 2010, and two other centers in Mafraq Hospital and Zayed Hospital in 2014.

The program extends over a period of four years, and graduates obtain an Arab Board certificate in emergency medicine, after passing the exam approved by the Arab Board for the specialty of emergency medicine, based in Jordan, noting that about 100 doctors have graduated since the program was launched.