While held in Montreuil the exhibition "Books alert", Marine Martin, who denounced the scandal of the Dépakine from 2011, was on Europe 1 Saturday to return on his fight.


In 2011, Marine Martin denounced the scandal of the Dépakine (a drug to fight against epilepsy). Her two children are disabled because of this medication during her pregnancy, while nothing in the leaflet indicated such risks. Saturday and Sunday, she will be at the show "Books alert" in Montreuil, alongside other whistleblowers, as she. At the microphone of Europe 1, she returns to her fight for the truth.

The example of Irene Frachon

"It was when I saw Irene Frachon on television that I said to myself 'yes, it's possible'". In 2011, Marine Martin decides to testify and to warn against the misdeeds of a drug, the Dépakine. This antiepileptic drug, administered since the 1960s, is dangerous for the fetus if taken during pregnancy. It was during the birth of her second child, with a genital malformation, that this mother began to question herself.

Finally, thanks to an article about children of farmers with genital malformation, she made the connection between these physical disorders and the medication she took daily. "In my research, I came across the site of the Reference Center on Teratogens (CRAT) which indicated that the most dangerous drugs during pregnancy was an acne-resistant and second, there was the Dépakine", remembers Marine Martin. As a result of this discovery, she finds "full of scientific documents that say that taking this drug during pregnancy causes malformation and autism," details the mother. If she now knows why her children have malformations, she can only make a sad statement: nothing appears as a warning on the leaflet of the drug.

"We must compensate the thousands of victims and assume"

Marine Martin then launches into an information work to find victims, like her, but also prevent other dramas. She launched the Parent Support Association for Children with the Anti-convulsant Syndrome (APESAC) and filed a complaint against the French drug company Sanofi in 2015. "There were thousands of victims in ignorance, I could not shut up, "she says. "We must compensate the thousands of victims and assume," says the mother. The first victims have already been compensated by the fund set up by the state, but Sanofi refuses to contribute to the compensation process for victims.