• Palermo, after threats tampered with cameras and missing images. Enhanced security at Scarpinato
  • Mafia, Mori trial, for pg Scarpinato "the general central figure of old and new plots"
  • Former escort agent of Falcone and Borsellino dies in the fire of his apartment
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  • Borsellino, three police officers sent back for trial. The magistrate's daughter: "Who knows the truth, speak"
  • The judges of Palermo: the state-mafia negotiation accelerated the death of Paolo Borsellino


22 May 2019 "The official truth about the mafia massacres of 1992 does not hold". The Attorney General of Palermo, Roberto Scarpinato, is convinced that today, on the daily newspaper, he explains how "the simplified narrative is put to the test by truths that go beyond the mafia level".

"The more years go by, the more my feeling of discomfort grows on participating in the public commemorative ceremonies of the Capaci and Via D'Amelio massacres on May 23 and July 19 - Scarpinato says - State rhetoric has its rigid protocols and demands that the public discourse give to the collective memory a tragic and, at the same time, simple and peaceful narrative, which can be summarized in the following terms: Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were assassinated because men symbol of a State that with the condemnations inflicted with the maxiprocesso had struck a death blow to Cosa Nostra, shattering the myth of its invincibility ".

"The executioners, the carriers of the evil of the mafia, have been identified and condemned - he says - They have the familiar faces of those who the collective imagination has already elevated to absolute and totalizing icons of the mafia: Riina, Provenzano, of other characters of such made. " "To all the external causes of that stragista campaign were silenced - it continues - partly coinciding with the interests of the organization, in part instead so divergent as to feed progressively in some heads and even in the performers, the certainty that Riina and its loyalists, between which the brothers Graviano and Matteo Messina Denaro, members of those that Riina had called the 'Super Cosa', did not tell the whole truth ".

And he remembers the collaborators of justice who "never reported anything about the meetings that took place in the countryside of Enna in 1991 and during which the highest regional mafia leaders discussed the implementation of a complex political destabilization plan suggested by external entities ".

Eyes also on the sentence by Borsellino 'quater'. The Assize Court found that "Vincenzo Scarantino's statements were at the center of one of the most serious misdirections of Italian judicial history". Scarpinato raises questions about "any purpose of concealing the responsibility of other subjects for the massacre, in the context of a convergence of interests between Cosa Nostra and other centers of power that perceived the work of the magistrate as a danger". "Questions still unanswered - concludes Scarpinato - and which perhaps can also explain the stubborn silence maintained by the Graviano brothers on the secrets of the massacres involving centers of power that remained formidable and the extraordinary longevity of the inaction of Messina Denaro".