The Egyptian artist Nasser Al-Sherbini took a cafe owned by Beita for his art, a window displaying his creations, and allows its pioneers to experience the experience of cultural and artistic, in addition to drinking the drinks they request.

The outside door of the café bears the name of "Tamr Henna Museum", while sculptures and artworks that visitors can contemplate and devise the meanings and ideas embodied inside.

The statues displayed inside the museum carry political messages and philosophical meanings, often the subject of discussions between the cafe owner and his clients about terrorism, and the militancy that Sherbini embodies through a character called (Adel) ironically.

Although some of the works on display may not be suitable for those who are emotional and sensational, some visitors are happy and express their admiration for the cafe.

"I was particularly impressed by the variety of items on offer, from hospitality to famous people and cultural symbols, to living animals," said Samar.

The café opened in 2017 and has 70 statues and 90 stuffed animals.