The municipality that bought the most meat in the country last year landed at 515 kilos per 100 inhabitants, while the one that bought at least bought 22 kilos per 100 inhabitants.

At Oskarshamn municipality, they are aware that they are high in purchasing.

- But in 2019 we have noticed a decrease and that reduction is very important. We see that legume products and the vegetarian meals we offer every day are greatly expanded. You see that people are aware of the change that is happening, says Anthony Ouvrard, head of unit at the diet unit in Oskarshamn municipality.

Reduced to 424 kilos

In 2017 it was 459 kilos per 100 inhabitants and in 2018 it had decreased to 424 kilos. Figures for 2019 are not there yet, but according to the managers of the Technical Office who handle the municipality's food purchases, the amount will decrease.

Oskarshamn is together with Tingsryd and Vimmerby among the 40 municipalities in the country that buy the most Swedish meat. In 2018, 92 percent of Oskarshamn's purchases of meat and meat products were made in Sweden. Which can be compared to the national average of 83 percent. Something that partly has to do with the requirements of animal husbandry.

- When we did the procurement last, we had quite tough animal welfare requirements, of which it became Swedish meat. We are also very proud of this, ”says Lillemor Persson, head of department and diet manager in Oskarshamn municipality.

"Great interest"

They both agree that the view on how food should be within the municipality has changed in recent years. There is a great interest in food in the municipality of the politicians, they say, which has led to an increased quality thinking but also to expand the vegetarian alternatives.

- I think people are more and more aware that you have to eat less meat. Good meat, good quality but less meat. It is good for health and good for the environment. Good for the future simply, says Anthony Ouvrard, unit manager at the diet unit in Oskarshamn municipality.

What do local residents think about this?

- I haven't heard much. I think they think it is positive, of course there are those who are negative towards it, but being all happy and keeping everyone hundred percent satisfied is difficult, says Lillemor Persson.

Footnote: SVT's survey is based on a database run in which only 144 municipalities provided statistics on purchases of meat and meat products.

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