The unlabeled mayor of Essarts-en-Bocage, 9,000 inhabitants, wants "to let go on [his] territory no one who could block the expression" of joy.

The mayor of Essarts-en-Bocage, a rural commune of Vendée, has published "an official municipal bylaw" obliging "to be in joy" the week of October 5 to 11, on the occasion of the first edition of a Music festival "City in joy".

In a language specific to a French administrative document, the decree, "considering the speed at which a negative emotion can spread and wreak havoc" and "the high risk of bad mood at the arrival of autumn and the rate less sunlight, "asks" to let back on our territory (...) no one who could block the expression of this emotion (joy, Ed).

Prohibition of broadcasting sad music

The decree, published on Friday the 13th, also requires "to prohibit the broadcasting of any music that could be perceived as depressing or sad, films, stories or books that end badly" or "to produce endorphins , the hormones of happiness, laughing at least three times a day ".

Asked by AFP, the mayor (SE) Freddy Riffaud, who works part-time in computing, believes "there is too much gloom" in the country and will try "to disseminate this state of mind "in shops and locals, stating that the decree was official and" signed by me ". The mayor of this town of 9.000 inhabitants, close to La-Roche-sur-Yon, also wishes to create the label "city in joy".