• PSOE. Point out that he will not meet with Podemos for another two weeks

Pablo Iglesias continues in his strategy to lower the tone, make winks to the PSOE to try to get a meeting with the PSOE in which to address governance. Dialogue about a coalition executive, which is the claim of Podemos. The purple leader would be willing to accept the offer made by the Socialists in July - a vice-presidency and three ministries - if they add up active employment policies. "If the PSOE added active employment policies we would say yes, of course. We have no word that lasts 24 hours."

The reflection of Iglesias comes hours after it was known which sectors of United We believe that the last offer that the PSOE transferred to the formation should be accepted: Vice Presidency and three ministries (Equality, Housing and Health). Although in the document that United We sent to the PSOE a few weeks ago, the four coalition proposals hold on to ministries such as Labor or Ecological Transition, now Iglesias reculates and now he would accept what he rejected in July as a "tie package but that was empty. "

"We are saying the same thing", defended Iglesias en la Ser when questioned about the apparent contradiction of his approach. "If you add the active employment policies, whose powers the Government shares with the communities, we would accept. We remain in the same position. We already said that if you added the active employment policies, we accept the Government. There is no contradiction."

Iglesias has denied that there are fissures in his parliamentary group, although there are different sensitivities and positions in the formation. In fact, from sectors such as IU, Anticapitalists, Podemos Andalucía or Podemos Euskadi, they have already publicly stated that the option of prioritizing a government program must be considered before entering the Executive. Prioritize measures to armchairs, and that the priority is that there are no elections.

In the failed investiture, Iglesias starred in a sort of live negotiation from the rostrum by proposing to the PSOE that these active employment policies be ceded, as a last attempt to the desperate. An approach that Pedro Sánchez discarded with cold boxes. Iglesias tried this option with his deputy Yolanda Díaz and after receiving the message from a prominent socialist, which parliamentary sources agreed that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero would be.

Moreover, Iglesias has taken a step further and has opened the possibility of sealing an agreement with the PSOE, opening a little more focus than he had done so far. "If the PSOE makes the same offer that we made, we sit with them and I am convinced that it is a matter of hours to have a coalition government"; "If he sits with us, we are very close to reaching a coalition agreement. The problem is he doesn't want to."

Iglesias would now accept that offer from three ministries and the social vice presidency despite insisting that it was "empty ministries." "Of the 17 current ministries, the PSOE only yielded one: Health. The other two, Housing and Equality, meant turning two general directorates into ministries without competencies." But despite this reflection, now it would be worth that "package with empty loop", adding active employment policies.

Iglesias has been very upset with the PSOE because of his demands, since Iglesias believes that after his resignation to be in the Government, there is little more room for assignment. They believe that they cannot bend the arm more so as not to increase the role of subsidiaries. "The PSOE said that if he resigned from the Council of Ministers there was a coalition government. What else do they want? What else can I do? They can also ask us to dissolve, to disappear, to go to our knees with our hands on our heads."

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