A firewood collector named Tyler Ivanov has discovered a 50-year-old handwritten letter in a green bottle on a beach in Alaska, west of the United States, from a former Russian naval captain, the Guardian newspaper reported.

Ivanov published the letter on Facebook and its content was translated by Russian speakers. It turned out to be a greeting written by a Russian sailor during the Cold War in 1969 that contained a title, asking those who could find it to respond.

Reporters from the Russian network "Russia 1" searched to find out the author of the letter, which turned out to be Capt. Anatoly Potsanenko, who said with joy: "It is definitely my writing.

He said that at the time of writing the letter was the youngest sailor with the rank of captain in the Pacific, and that he was 33 years old at the time, and said he would encourage his children to write letters similar to the letter written half a century ago.

"I am not sure if I will write a similar letter again, but I will consider encouraging my children to do the same work, just send a message in a bottle and see where it will go," he said.