"High School Student Peace Ambassador" Signs of over 210,000 people wishing to abolish nuclear weapons

Twenty-three high school peace ambassadors from around the country, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, visited the United Nations European headquarters in Switzerland and appealed to work together to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The group visited the European headquarters in Geneva on the 20th and met with the head of Kasparson of the Disarmament Department and handed over 215,547 signatures and thousands of cranes collected from home and abroad. Kasperson said, “I am very happy to hear from you who are taking action towards nuclear disarmament.”

In the international community, the first international treaty that legally prohibits the development, possession, and use of nuclear weapons, the “Nuclear Weapons Convention,” was adopted, but Japan does not participate.

Hii Grandma and grandmother are second-year high school students in Nagasaki, A-bomb survivors, Yui Hashida said, “I was happy to hear the story of them as they nodded, and I was glad that the intention to abolish nuclear weapons was the same.” It was.

In addition, Shinichiro Hamada, a second-year high school student in Hiroshima whose grandfather was an atomic bomb survivor, said, “I strongly wanted to convey the experiences I heard from my grandfather and survivors.”