The Apple store in the Saint Catherine area of ​​Bordeaux, France, was looted and vandalized by demonstrators from the Yellow Jackets after smashing windows and rushing into the store.

The vandals looted MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and other devices on store shelves.

While the rioters did not completely destroy the place, the damage that took place would require extensive, time-consuming reforms. By Sunday morning, wood planks were placed on the windows of the store to prevent further attacks.

Many videos of this vandalism have been published in the French media, many of which have been posted on Twitter, as seen in the video below:

In general #France: La vue intérieure du pillage de l'Apple store de #Bordeaux. # 8Decembre # samedi8decembre

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Rising political unrest has created riots such as "yellow jackets" that were the main cause of recent unrest and civil clashes in the country.

Apple did not give an official statement about the looting and sabotage to this moment. Previous riots in Paris had damaged the Apple Opera store and its main location in the Champs Elysees. Both traffickers were fortified and temporarily closed during the riots.